Gary Gardiner - Photographer

Retired news photographer who spent more than 40 years with The Associated Press, the Ft. Lauderdale News, and the Orlando Sentinel. Continuing to shoot every day.

My Final Photo

A photo a day since November 15, 2004.  If I died in my sleep this was it

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How I keep myself busy


My Final Photo

If I died in my sleep this was it.

A photo a day since Nov. 15, 2004.

Hoover Reservoir, flower, cosmos, wildfloer, shore, pink, fog, blossom,

The Gardiner Gallery

The Gardiner Gallery inside Java Central displays the photographs of Westerville Photographer Gary Gardiner.



Postcards and Photography of Westerville OH by Gary Gardiner


EyePush Office Galleries

EyePush Office Galleries helps business owners create a comfortable environment for customers by providing a library of framed photos to decorate office walls.

Oct. 16, 2013


The only monthly photo magazine in Westerville.

Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market

Ohio Stock Photos

Ohio Stock Photos is a division of Phrog Publishing that distributes some of the best stock, photography representing the Midwestern values of Ohio.

Ohio Stock Photos uses Reasonably Rights-Managed™ pricing on unique, storytelling photos that match the needs of book publishers, magazines, newspapers, editorial and small press publishers.

Ohio Stock Photos

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