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A photo a day since November 15, 2004.  If I died in my sleep this was it.
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The Braun Farm barn – over the years

The red barn on the Braun farm property is one of the oldest farm icons in Westerville. Plans for the farm include a senior home, offices, and buildings for Otterbein University.

Towering above the skyline

I’ve found yet another job I’d never want to do. Would love the high tech adventure of upgrading and modifying the cell towers at the top of the light poles at Otterbein’s football field.

In comparison, an iPhone and a DSLR

I usually shoot with two cameras. One, the larger, more expensive, and more capable of acquiring photos from just about any situation is a Nikon D7100.

Westerville again in 614 Magazine

Happy to say I’ve been able to represent Westerville, in a visual way, in the latest edition of 614 Magazine with an iPhone panorama of Uptown from a little different perspective and with a surprise subject at the far left edge. You can get a copy of the...

Love it when it rains at the Farmers Market

As for me, I was running from vegetable to vegetable like a kid playing in puddles. I wanted raindrops on vegetables and this was the first perfectly timed storm of the season.

I’d photographed tomatoes, peppers, corn, and eggplant for several weeks and everything was beginning to look the same.

Tapestry Of A Town Photo Gallery

I do volunteer photography for Tapestry Of A Town, a non-profit that raises money for habitat for humanity by holding guided tours of historic sites in Uptown Westerville. This year I shot all the photos using my iPhone and selected apps. The resulting gallery is on...

Bill Evans, 90-years-old

Bill Evans stands for a quick photo during Fourth Friday in Uptown Westerville. Bill, who is 90 years old, joined the Coast Guard in World War II to please his mother. She wanted him to stay close to home and guarding the coast of the country seemed fairly safe. That...

On the street at Fourth Friday

Fourth Friday in Uptown Westerville is a great eclectic collection of the city. Despite being a city in a metropolitan area with more than a million people, Uptown Westerville continues to be a small town with rambunctious kids, politicians, families, small storefronts, and fancy cats. And, here’s one Friday night’s photo collection to offer as proof.

Cucumbers in the Farmers Hand series

A farmer holds five small cucumbers raised on his family farm and offered for sale at the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market. The photo is one in a series showing farmer’s hands and the crops they’ve raised. It is also the lead photo in The Gardiner...

Gary Gardiner - Photographer


Retired news photographer who spent more than 40 years with The Associated Press, the Ft. Lauderdale News, and the Orlando Sentinel. Continuing to shoot every day.

Knights Inn demolished

There is little left of the Knights Inn on Heatherdown at State Street after a demolition crew knocked down the buildings and began carrying off the demolished motel that once stood as a greeting at the city’s gateway to I-270.
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Braun Farm Barn

The red barn on the Braun Farm property is one of the oldest farm icons in Westerville. Plans for the farm include a senior home, offices, and buildings for Otterbein University.

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How I spent my Friday

Some days are much better than others but for a typical news photographer’s feature hunt there is no better illustration than what I shot yesterday.

All that is missing from a normal day is an assignment to shoot a portrait and a spot news event.

This is what I did for 45 years. And, some of which I continue to do today.

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Florida Road Trip

Just returned from a road trip to Florida where we celebrated the life of Tim Adams, my brother-in-law who died too young at 63.

Recently retired after teaching school and coaching for 39 years, Tim was praised and mourned by more than 400 people who attended services at the First Baptist church in Gainesville.

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How I keep myself busy

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My Final Photo

If I died in my sleep this was it.

A photo a day since Nov. 15, 2004.

Hoover Reservoir, flower, cosmos, wildfloer, shore, pink, fog, blossom,

The Gardiner Gallery

The Gardiner Gallery inside Java Central displays the photographs of Westerville Photographer Gary Gardiner.



Photography of Westerville OH by Gary Gardiner


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Oct. 16, 2013


The only monthly photo magazine in Westerville.

Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market

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